We use only the best products that are proven to give excellent results. these include:

Wella logoWELLA PROFESSIONALS is a haircare range from International Hair Pro's, Wella. A replacement for the well-loved High Hair and Lifetex brands, this haircare range offers salon professional products for every hair colour, type and condition. Discover encompassing  products for coloured hair, products for dry and damaged hair and much more, Wella Professionals covers every hair care need. Our favourites so far are the Pure Purifying Shampoo and the Sun Protection Spray.

ILLUMINA COLOR elevates light to its highest spectrum revealing previously unseen potential in hair. Now you can make light your own and create new colour expressions that stir the senses and emotions of every client. Since launching, ILLUMINA COLOR has become a global beauty phenomenon setting a new benchmark for naturalness in hair colour with incredible light reflection and incredible hair protection.


• Our hairdressers´ favorite product, best-seller within the Blondor range.
• For controlled and reliable lightening up to 7 levels of lift.
• For all lightening techniques.
• For perfect lightening, even on pre-coloured hair.
• Contains anti-yellow molecules to help reduce orange/yellow undertones during lightening.

unite logoUNITE is an award winning brand, with awards from organisations all over the world. The Hair Awards, Harpers Bazarr and The Stylist Choice Awards to name a few. Follow the link below to see our award winning products. Andrew Dale, Founder and CEO of UNITE Haircare, created the brand as a solution to what was lacking in the industry- a haircare brand that truly supports the hairdresser. Unite has received a certificate for its compassionate decision to join the PETA Caring Consumer Project, with the assurance that animal tests are neither conducted nor commissioned for its products, formulations, or ingredients.

olaplexinfoOLAPLEX is your insurance that you can take your clients hair to levels never thought possible before without the usual damage. You just add Olaplex Bond Multiplier directly into color or lightener then Bond Perfector after your rinse color from hair. The client takes the Hair Perfector No. 3 home as part of the professional service to use once a week.

We've tested Olaplex on virtually every hair type and it works. Asian, Caucasian, African American, previously chemically processed and virgin. Olaplex has been used in over 60 million professional applications in less than 2 years with amazing results. Everyone gets so excited seeing Olaplex work the first time that they want to add even more the second time. If you do this, hair will take forever to lift. It's like adding water to Cranberry juice... You dilute the developer with Olaplex and you balance it by bumping up the developer.

You start with the Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 by adding directly into lightener or color. After rinsing color from hair, you apply the Olaplex Bond Perfector No. 2 for a minimum of 5 minutes then rinse, shampoo, and condition. You can even leave it in the hair to use as a cutting lotion. The client takes home the Hair Perfector No.3 to use once a week to further strengthen hair. It's really simple, safe, and non-toxic. See packaging for detailed directions of use.

Everyone wants to know if Olaplex builds up in your hair making it difficult to co lor or lighten after several uses. The quick answer is that the hair just keeps getting better. Olaplex testers, top celebrity colorists who have everything to lose, have used Olaplex on thousands of clients multiple times for over a year. Not one single report of anything negative. The only thing that can go wrong with Olaplex is just simply using too much Olaplex and diluting the formula that you're adding to. This does seem to happen often enough for us to mention it again here. It's a new chemistry and it requires thinking a little differently. But it's so easy...

KeraStraight LogoKERASTRAIGHT have two ranges of Shampoos and Conditioners... Moisture Enhance , which repairs and hydrates dry, coarser hair and Volume Enhance for those with finer hair, which needs a little more volume and fullness. KeraStraight Enhance shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products have been designed for the aftercare of your KeraStraight keratin smoothing treatment and help to keep your hair smoother for longer. Available in both 250ml and 500ml sizes - Your KeraStraight treatment banishes dry and frizzy hair by repairing and smoothing the hair, resulting in hair that is soft, straightened, and easy to maintain at home.